About the Amira P420G Project

The P420G project is structured around three themes.:

Theme 1: Gold Processing Plant Optimisation

This theme is focussed on supporting existing operations (which includes supplier sponsors supporting their clients’ operations) through the use of existing user-friendly process models and knowledge bases which have been developed over the project life. This theme also provides continued professional development and mentoring through the popular gold processing technology transfer courses, review of site data, benchmarking of best practice and training for the use of the P420 online process models.

Theme 2: Gold Ore Mineral Processing

Theme 2 is focussed on mineral processing solutions, particularly related to maximising value for low grade and/or difficult ores. As is well recognised, current and future ores may require innovative treatment and processing options, compared to the simple and relatively generic gravity/CIP plants most typically in use today. In addition to processing more difficult ores, most companies are being challenged to do so while continuing to lower production costs. Achieving optimised plant performance by approaching steady state operation is closer to being realised through the implementation of available technologies, resulting in maximum recoveries and lower costs.

Theme 3: Gold Ore Hydrometallurgy

Theme 3 is focused on helping identify ways that gold producers can obtain and retain their licence to operate given the difficult nature of many ores and the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, while still achieving maximum recoveries.